Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Master bedroom Obsession Project Update

This past week, Kevin and I closed on our new home. We have been very busy getting the house ready for the move. My dear sweet husband has indulged me, and helped me to complete a MAJOR project in the master bedroom... before we move into the house. I really wanted to do something to make the house my own, and put my special mark on it, rather than just having a cookie cutter new home.

I started the project by refinishing the furniture in my bedroom.

After we closed on the house, I headed to the paint store. We started with painting the bedroom walls.

Then I headed to Lowes and had all of the wood cut for the major project. Kevin met me at the store, after I convinced the young man to cut all of the wood for me :-)

My Mini Cooper loaded down with construction materials.

So... We installed crown moulding, and put casing around all of the windows.

Construction underway!

We met one of our new neighbors, and he offered up the use of his nail gun.... THANK GOD!! So we installed the boards and battens in about 3-4 hours.

Once the boards were up, there was still alot to do..... paint and caulk, but we totally ran out of steam, and it was Sunday night, and we were supposed to go to work in the morning. So we both called in 'Sick and tired' on Monday and headed to the house to finish our projects. I completed painting and caulking, and Kevin was able to epoxy the garage floor!

Moving day is this Friday..... stay tuned for the Master bedroom reveal!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Distressing Update

After many hours... about 8 total... of sanding, painintg, and sanding again, then waxing.... I have finished the dresser.

After... looks like a different piece of furniture to me. It looks soooo much smaller in my room