Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pottery Barn Inspired Numbers Table

I stumbled across a table on Pinterest, and it inspired the redo of my breakfast nook table.

This is the color of the original finish.  This table and chairs was rescued from the garage of a dear friend of mine.  I knew I wanted to put my mark on the table but didn't quite know what to do until I found this inspiration.
I stripped the finish from the top of the table and the chairs, and this was the result.  It was an extremely aromatic wood, but i have no idea what it is.
Next I made stencils using my Cricut Expression and contact paper (vinyl shelf liner).  To paint the numbers, I used a flat black paint that I purchased as a sample at Home Depot,

After allowing the paint to dry a short while, I sanded the table top, distressing the numbers on the table.  Then I applied stain over the top of the stenciled numbers.

I sanded the table legs and aprons, and painted them bright white that matches all of the trim in my house.

Finally I put about 8 coats of poly urethane on the table top to protect it.

Next, the chairs.

all four

sanded and stained

paint for the chairs

VOILA!! Fini!

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