Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Furniture distressing

OK... So I finished the sacrificial dresser


What do you think about the white furniture?

Total time spent on the project about 5 hours and $30 dollars. 3 hours sanding and painting, 1 hours distressing, and one hour applying paste wax and adding hardware.

I have another chest of drawers, a dresser, and standing mirror that I can paint to match and add the same hardware. Should I??

close up of distressing

Favorite things

One of my favorite things is my new MacBook Air. Kevin was so sweet, and got it for me for Christmas. I in turn got one for my dear sweet son.

The boy and I are all about customizing our stuff. So we sat down with our new computers, and used the Sure Cuts Alot software that I use with my Cricut, and created Tattoos for our MacBooks

Aedan was pretty crafty, and came up with a Mario themed one for his computer.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Cards

A few more cards... all Birthday cards.
Since I have already packed up the craftroom, I am living vicariously through the pictures of my cards.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


In November of 2010 my husband Kevin and I began the process of building our new home. Kevin had been gone for a month at that point, attending military training. We had it worked out that the house should be complete at about the time our apartment lease expired, and he returned from his training, late March - early April 2011.

We are absolutely on schedule! Kevin got home on Friday, the lease expires tomorrow, and we are scheduled to close on the house on April 6th.

The yard is being prepped, the countertops are in, the appliances are beginning to be delivered. I am busy trying to pick out paint colors. I think I have made my final selections.... but that is of course, yet to be seen. Nothing is final until the paint is on the wall... right.
A beautiful blue has been selected for all of the bedrooms, and 2 shades of tan for the common family areas!

Now I am planning the wall treatment for the master bedroom, and working on painting the bedroom furniture. I am pretty pleased with the paint on the first dresser, I will post pictures after I finish the distressing, and install the hardware.

I will keep you posted on the progress!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Handmade Cards

While at work yesterday, a woman I work with thanked me for a card I made for her when she fell and injured her arm several months ago.

I love making cards and giving them to people...... the giving them away part is the hardest for me. So I have learned to take pictures of all of the cards I make, so I will always remember my design, and I can freely give away my creation.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New House

I cannot WAIT! until the new house is completed. It is coming along nicely, unfortunately, I am very impatient.....very. I was told that the floors would be completed on Wednesday. Today is Thursday. The tile is finally complete, but the laminate has not even been started.

I will say, that what has been done is beautiful.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Craft Room Revisited

When Kevin, Aedan and I moved into Austin, I had a completely new opportunity to create my craft space. The space is actually a bit smaller than my previous space, so I had to be creative to get all my furnishings to fit.
We added a shelf so that I wouldn't damage the walls in the apartment, and so I could hang my baskets.

So I removed the doors from the closet and hung my paper storage from beneath the wire shelf. I also placed a dresser for storing fabrics, and other odds and ends, and my table with casters.

My computer desk with my iMAC is a bulky companion, but a necessary evil in this age of digital crafting.

I also created this awesome display rack for all of my House Mouse, Gruffie and Happy Hopper stamps.
My Ikea shelves house just about everything in my craftroom in all kinds of boxes, drawers and bins.

Master bedroom Obsession

OK... so I am totally obsessed with decorating the house that we have not closed on yet (April 6th is the date they gave us).... crazy I know, but time is getting short, and I have to make paint decisions before we move in, because I want to paint and do some other stuff before we move in. So here is where I need your help. I want to do a boards and batten treatment on the walls of the master bedroom, before we move in...... here is the kunundrum....

How high do I do the top rail?

{Here is a picture of the room I am using as my inspiration.} The top rail in this photo is about 64" from the floor. The arch on this bed is about 6" lower than my headboard.

Should the top board of the rail be higher than the top of the arch on the headboard? The arch peaks at 63.5" from the floor. if you think it should go higher {to frame the bed like a picture] ... by how much?

this is my bed

I plan to use a very pale yellow, not a blue, and I want to do all white bedding.

Thought, inspirations and opinions...........

As you respond, keep in mind that my husband has absolutely no opinion, he will sleep where his bed is, and "Does not care" about colors, texture, fabrics or furnishings. He would be happy in a cardboard box.

Next opinion...... what do you think about painting all of the furniture white...... I love the Shabby Chicness of it all, but am on the fence about painting the furniture (something I can do before the move). The beautiful thing is that my dresser and chest of drawers are garage sale finds, so anything I do will be an improvement.

I value your opinions, and NEED your input.

Love you all!


This is the flooring for the Family room, dining room, and master bedroom

I want to build this for the room

this is my master bedroom floorplan with furniture placement

this will be the first piece I am going to try painting white. If I like it, it can have a happy home in my master bedroom, as Kevin's dresser, if not, it gets to continue it's life in the garage, where Kevin will use and abuse it!