Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to make the mason jar chandelier

First I built a box that is the base of the light fixture.  I used 1/2" MDF (because I had it laying around).

The base is 6"x35"

I took this opportunity to use my new Kreg tool

I also learned how to cut crown moulding

 I worked with the box upside down so the table would act as the ceiling, and I could position the crown moulding correctly.
very important to start your nails first

mark where your wires will come through

pre drill, then drill all of the holes

I painted with a sample from Home Depot... best value $2.99

Then I drilled all of the mason jar lids for the electrical fixture

I use a nail to tap the metal to keep the drill bit from walking

clean it up a bit so you don't get cut later

The top of the light fixture

this is a ceramic disk which acts as an insulator so you won't get shocked from hot wires touching the metal lid.


I purchased fabric covered wire from an antique specialty store.  I put masking tape around the points where I cut to keep it from fraying.  I cut lengths varying from 23" to 27"... 16 total

this was 3 ply wire.  My fixtures had no connector for the ground, so I just cut it back.

After 2 coats of brown paint, I dry brushed some black paint on to match my kitchen cabinets

I am pleased with the results

Very carefully wiring to ensure that white wires and black wires cannot possibly touch.  If any wires are visible from under the wire caps, adding a little electrical tape is a good idea.  I wired to an electrical plug, because I don't want to hard wire this fixture, I am adding a plug to the socket.

preview on wiring

My electrician suggested adding sheet metal to the top of the fixture, just in case.  If anything shorts out, it won't  burn through the ceiling.

I enlisted the aide of the hubbs to actually hang the fixture

I used ceiling hangers with 5" screws

he measured and wallered out some holes

installed this into the existing light fixture, so I could just plug in!

Brighter than the surface of the sun!!!

So we added a dimmer switch!... be sure to get one rated for the correct wattage.  This fixture is currently putting out 640W, plus the other lights on the circuit, we got a 1000W dimmer.

I am not an electrician, but I know one.  This is my wiring diagram

Thanks for looking.


  1. This really is the best tutorial I have found....absolutely beautiful!

  2. Thank you for this!!! This is the most in depth tutorial I have found on this, especially with the wiring!!