Monday, April 27, 2015

First Camping Trip

My first camping trip as a gathering at Tyler State Park in March 2015.
Mary Beth was not 100%, but close enough to make the trip

My second outing was a driveway setup, just to setup all of my gear to ensure that I had everything, and it all fits inside the camper.

Teardrop Trailer Part 8

The trailer is still very tall for a woman of my height.  I was talking to a friend who is well versed on suspensions.  He suggested that I use a 4" drop under slung axel.  This would drop the trailer height another 4".

After searching the internet for several days, I was not finding an axel that would fit my trailer with 46.5" spring centers.

My friend offered to cut down an axel he had in his shop to fit my trailer.  He came to visit in February and brought the axel.

I now have a 3000# 4" drop, Dexter axel.

Second axel Placement
Original axel placement
Final axel placement

Final installation includes shackles on the front eye bolt.

Teardrop Trailer Part 7

The instructions for assembling my trailer have the axel overslung.  
 By moving the axel to the top of the spring (underslung) I cn bring the height of the trailer down about 2", hopefully making it easier for me to get in and out, and bringing down the galley counter without reducing the amount of storage I have in the galley.

I needed to ensure I had space for the spring to travel when I move the axel

Underslung axel


Teardrop Trailer part 6

To seal the wood sides I am using Helmsman Spar Varnish.
 My plans call for 7-9 coats on each side. Sanding with 400 grit paper between coats.
 So I have taken over every inch of usable flat space in the garage.  I really was going a little crazy and needed a break from the varnish, so Kevin helped me to put the walls up on the frame to see how well everything fits.

I am only 5'3" tall.  Those giant tires bring the bottom of the trailer to 18".    This will place the galley counter top about mid chest for me if I do nothing to change it.
me and the hubbs checking to see how well we fit inside

Shelves , bulkhead and galley counter top

The fun is over... back to work.. I have a lot of varnish to add.

a fresh coat of varnish

Teardrop Trailer Part 5

The Trailer Floor

The trailer floor is coated with vehicle undercoating spray.... 6 cans!

I premarked all of the predrilled holes in the frame in order to bolt the floor to the frame. Then I predrilled the holes.
Before bolting on the trailer bottom, I removed the hinges, and added a few bolts to convert the trailer frame so it cannot fold anymore. and to secure the frame for the suspension springs.
floor bottom bolted to frame
before adding the top of the floor frame, I ran the electrical wires, and laid in the foam insulation.

Teardrop Trailer Part 4

Now that all of my components are cut, I can sand and stain sides and doors.

I chose a Cabernet stain for the exterior and interior trim, and Willow for the exterior trim and interior.

Left - no stain
Right - willow stain
Staining door exterior

Left - Interior Stain
Right - Exterior Stain

gratuitous Selfie

Cabernet Stain