Saturday, January 5, 2013

Aviation Inspiration

I am planning on finally doing something with the vast open wall in my living room.  I am the kind of girl that really searches for inspiration, and I toil over it.  Last week I was looking at again and came across some new framed prints.  I found some great prints of early aviation americana that I just couldn't live without.

So now I have the bug, and I start searching for early aviation prints that really tug at my heart.  I found several that I just love, and that Kevin loves, and ordered them..... on to phase 2.

Frames.... I found a great website that makes very Potterybarn-ish frames CHEAP.
I also ordered custom cut mats from their sister site.

Now I have to decide how to hang the pictures.

Graph paper and post-it notes are my favorite planning tools.

Next I cut out all of the frame sizes with freezer paper, and taped them on the wall, so i could "see" how well my plan will work.
Right now it looks like a scene out of a horror movie, where the detectives find the stalkers house with pictures and newspaper clippings taped on the wall.

The pictures I ordered started arriving, but I am still waiting for the frames and mats to arrive.  The propellor will be here Wednesday (a great friend sent it).

I cannot wait to get this all done so I can do the big reveal.

I hope to have it all done before my out of town guests arrive MLK Weekend 2013.

More to follow.

The propellor arrived, and it is beautiful. Thank you to our friend Gary. He carved it by hand, flew it a few hours on his Pietenpol, then decided he didnt like the flying characteristics, so he made a new one. He was so kind to let this come live on our wall. It means so much more than anything i could have bought for myself.

Finally finished.... Kinda. I have more photos and frames to add. Maybe next week.

Finished  finally!  I love how this turned out.  I used wall hooks, and wires on the back of all of the frames.  Then I was able to actually stack the frames on top of one another, creating a dimensional look. 
Thanks for looking!