Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ahead of myself - February 2012

I got a little ahead of myself.  In Early February Kevin and I received a very special invitation, to a special place, for a very special reason.

We had the extreme pleaseure of meeting the President, First Lady, Vice President and Secretary of Defense of the United States of America.

Leon Ponetta, Secretary of Defense
Vice President Joe Biden

It was very cool, but not quite as cool as getting to hang out with some really great friends in North Carolina the week before the event. It really gave us the opportunity to decompress before the high stress trip to D.C.
The boys went and looked at lots of airplanes and projects, and Karen and I did some antiquing.

Gene posing with the fantastic bratwurst prepared by our gracious host in the North Carolina Estate prior to our trek north to Smith Mountain Lake.
The boys geeking out while haning out in the hangar at Smith Mountain Lake while the snow came down.
Jack hosted a scotch tasting at a local tavern near Smith Mountain Lake, VA.  Some men look great in skirts.

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