Friday, September 21, 2012

Breakroom table

So i started getting bored and needed a new project, and we needed a new table for the breakroom at work.... So i started stalking looking for a piece to redo on the cheap. So i found this table from Bombay Company for $20 (retails for $699). It had some spots where the finish was damaged, and the legs needed to be tightened. No matter, it was a great table with huge potential

So the first thing i did.. Using a chemical stripper i stripped the finish off of the center of the table where i planned to apply a stencil. I then sanded the area with 180&220 grit paper. Then i applied the stencil I made on my cricut, and painted with a black, flat latex paint.
 Then i sanded to distress the stencil, and applied a wood conditioner and stain.
Using paint samples i purchased at Lowes, i painted the rest of the table ( after sanding it lightly).
After painting, i applied several coats of clear, glossy, polyurethane
I love the details on these legs!!!
It is really a shame I have nowhere in my house for this table, because I absolutely love it.  But I do get to enjoy it at my home away from home, everyday.

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