Tuesday, September 18, 2012

March 2012

While on our trip to NC/VA, it was decided that friends would gather at our house the following year.  This gave me the excuse I needed (like I need an excuse) to go shopping for a new sofa.  Afterall, most of our friends are at an age where inflatable matresses are not so comfey, so I needed to lay in supplies of non-inflatable sleeping options.  So where does a girl go??  PotteryBarn of course!

I decided that I need this beautiful sectional with a sleeper sofa, and lamp.  It wasn't going to be delivered until May, so I had time to get some other projects done.  I really wanted to re-do the table located in the nook, so I had 2 months to get it done before the sectional was delivered.
This is the original finish of the table and chairs
I had to strip the finish using a chemical stripper, then sand it down.  I only stripped the portions that I was not going to cover with paint.
I created a stencil with my cricut, and painted it with flat black paint.
After painting the stencil and allowing it to dry, I sanded / distresses the stencil.  Then I applied a wood conditioner, and an antique walnut stain.
Once stained, I applied several coats of polyuerthane to seal it, then I painted the sash and legs white to match the trim in the house.
I created a similar stencil for the chair seat bottoms.

I disassembled the chairs, sanded them, and painted them white.
VOILA! Finished!

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