Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Master bedroom Obsession

OK... so I am totally obsessed with decorating the house that we have not closed on yet (April 6th is the date they gave us).... crazy I know, but time is getting short, and I have to make paint decisions before we move in, because I want to paint and do some other stuff before we move in. So here is where I need your help. I want to do a boards and batten treatment on the walls of the master bedroom, before we move in...... here is the kunundrum....

How high do I do the top rail?

{Here is a picture of the room I am using as my inspiration.} The top rail in this photo is about 64" from the floor. The arch on this bed is about 6" lower than my headboard.

Should the top board of the rail be higher than the top of the arch on the headboard? The arch peaks at 63.5" from the floor. if you think it should go higher {to frame the bed like a picture] ... by how much?

this is my bed

I plan to use a very pale yellow, not a blue, and I want to do all white bedding.

Thought, inspirations and opinions...........

As you respond, keep in mind that my husband has absolutely no opinion, he will sleep where his bed is, and "Does not care" about colors, texture, fabrics or furnishings. He would be happy in a cardboard box.

Next opinion...... what do you think about painting all of the furniture white...... I love the Shabby Chicness of it all, but am on the fence about painting the furniture (something I can do before the move). The beautiful thing is that my dresser and chest of drawers are garage sale finds, so anything I do will be an improvement.

I value your opinions, and NEED your input.

Love you all!


This is the flooring for the Family room, dining room, and master bedroom

I want to build this for the room

this is my master bedroom floorplan with furniture placement

this will be the first piece I am going to try painting white. If I like it, it can have a happy home in my master bedroom, as Kevin's dresser, if not, it gets to continue it's life in the garage, where Kevin will use and abuse it!

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  1. I have been steered away from yellow, and am now going to do blue in the room, but not the same blue MJ used on her gorgeous room.