Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Craft Room Revisited

When Kevin, Aedan and I moved into Austin, I had a completely new opportunity to create my craft space. The space is actually a bit smaller than my previous space, so I had to be creative to get all my furnishings to fit.
We added a shelf so that I wouldn't damage the walls in the apartment, and so I could hang my baskets.

So I removed the doors from the closet and hung my paper storage from beneath the wire shelf. I also placed a dresser for storing fabrics, and other odds and ends, and my table with casters.

My computer desk with my iMAC is a bulky companion, but a necessary evil in this age of digital crafting.

I also created this awesome display rack for all of my House Mouse, Gruffie and Happy Hopper stamps.
My Ikea shelves house just about everything in my craftroom in all kinds of boxes, drawers and bins.

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