Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Furniture distressing

OK... So I finished the sacrificial dresser


What do you think about the white furniture?

Total time spent on the project about 5 hours and $30 dollars. 3 hours sanding and painting, 1 hours distressing, and one hour applying paste wax and adding hardware.

I have another chest of drawers, a dresser, and standing mirror that I can paint to match and add the same hardware. Should I??

close up of distressing


  1. great job!! I would definitely go for the rest of the furniture!!! So in love with white. Funny a few years ago I was like this with black!

  2. I have completed all of the white furniture, and I love it. I still love the black too, but it is all in the Family room. I have been watching a couple of pieces on Craigs list that I think are must haves... that must have a coat of white or black paint.

    I am prepping my walls now for the Master bedroom project. I will go to Lowes today to get the MDF. I am going to sand and prime the boards before hanging, so will hopefully be complete by tomorrow evening. The movers come on Friday!!