Sunday, March 20, 2011


In November of 2010 my husband Kevin and I began the process of building our new home. Kevin had been gone for a month at that point, attending military training. We had it worked out that the house should be complete at about the time our apartment lease expired, and he returned from his training, late March - early April 2011.

We are absolutely on schedule! Kevin got home on Friday, the lease expires tomorrow, and we are scheduled to close on the house on April 6th.

The yard is being prepped, the countertops are in, the appliances are beginning to be delivered. I am busy trying to pick out paint colors. I think I have made my final selections.... but that is of course, yet to be seen. Nothing is final until the paint is on the wall... right.
A beautiful blue has been selected for all of the bedrooms, and 2 shades of tan for the common family areas!

Now I am planning the wall treatment for the master bedroom, and working on painting the bedroom furniture. I am pretty pleased with the paint on the first dresser, I will post pictures after I finish the distressing, and install the hardware.

I will keep you posted on the progress!

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