Monday, April 27, 2015

Teardrop trailer Part 2

So I had to select a base utility trailer for my camper.  I purchased the Northern Tools 4'x8' folding utility trailer.  After pushing it around the garage for weeks, I decided to just put it together because it would be easier to move around the garage, and I could leave it foldable until i was ready to build my floor, and it would take less space in the garage.

SO, I didn't like the wheels that came with the trailer, and I ordered these 14" wheels and tires.  I had no idea at that point what changing one thing like wheels would change down the line.
But they look great don't they?

It is a darn shame that they touched the trailer.... what's a girl to do?

Hub Spacers of course! (who knew such a thing existed?)

This improved things a bit, but I still didn't have the room I needed to be able to install a fender.

So I found a bigger spacer!
 These spacers bolt onto the hub, extending the bolts out and extra 1.25".... they are soooo shiny!

What else could changing the tires possibly effect?

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