Monday, April 27, 2015

Teardrop Trailer Part 1

Over the past few years I have been falling deeper and deeper in love with Teardrop trailers.  I have a friend that built one, and I saw a couple at Pietenpol Fly-In in Brodhead, Wisconsin last July. 
 I was hooked.  
So I started researching plans so I could find the shape that I loved, and find something within my skill level. Finally I decided to buy plans from Big Woody Campers.  When the plans arrived I was sure I could make this camper.  Then I started stalking the website
They had so many kits on the site that took a lot of the guess work out of the process, they even had a wood kit.
The website indicated that shipping was not available for the woodkit..... you think that is going to stop me?  Heck no!  I called Jennifer at Big Woody, and talked to her at length.  So we came up with a plan, and I was the first customer that she shipped a wood kit.  So in August 2014 I began the process!
We had it shipped to the local FEDEX terminal, and I picked it up there (it saved me a ton on shipping)

So I got the kit home, and laid it out, checking for damage, and everything was great!

Next I needed to pick out stain color, so I went to Lowes and picked up a bunch of colors that made me happy, then I started mixing and matching them to see what color combination I liked best.
I also started laying out blue tape to get an idea of how I wanted to lay out my galley.

Now all I needed was time, and I was not going to get any of that until Marching band season was over.  In my spare time, I drew out my galley, over and over to find the perfect layout for me, and I started shopping for supplies.

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