Monday, April 27, 2015

Teardrop Trailer Part 3

Building Components

So before I can start doing things like stain and urethane, I need to do a lot of cutting.  A lot.

Yes, my sides, doors and trim were already cut, but there is still a lot of cutting to do.  Components to be built that will make things go faster when I begin assembly.

First, I decided to use ash for my hinge spar, so i rough cut it and laminated  with construction adhesive for a stronger spar.

I am planning to make my hinge higher than the plans call for, so I laminated 2 - 10' x 8" boards and cut the curves for my hatch frame.  Instead of clamping, I screwed the boards together while the glue set.

Next I built the front bulkhead.
And then I cut scabs (trim) for the build.  I made a lot of sawdust!
 Once the scabs were cut I sanded each one, and stained them using the stain I chose for my exterior color.

I also built the frame for my fan box, but there was nothing impressive about it, and I didn't take pictures.

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